Two Black Churches

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Two Black Churches is based on fieldwork Bill Ferris conducted at a church in Vicksburg, Miss. and at a church in New Haven, Conn. Footage includes a full immersion baptism, congregation members and preachers at both churches discussing their call to the faith, and scenes from worship services at both churches. The film contrasts the two approaches to worship at each church.

Featuring Reverend Isaac Thomas, Amanda Gordon, Mary Gordon, and the McGowan Family Singers (Rose Hill Church, Vicksburg); and Bishop A. Coward, Willie Ransome, Mae Gibson Brown, and Gloria Kuror (St. James Church, New Haven).

  • Film by: Bill Ferris
  • Produced by: William Ferris
  • Cinematographer: Dale Lindquist
  • Sound: Robert Slattery
  • Editor: Robert Slattery
  • Other Credits: Sara Miller
  • Funding: Ford Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Edward W. Hazen Foundation
  • Original Format: Film: 16mm
  • © 1975, William Ferris
  • 19mins, Color