Remembering the High Lonesome

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Remembering the High Lonesome is the story of the making of a classic documentary film. It is also a profile of filmmaker, photographer, artist, and musician John Cohen. Through interviews, as well as Cohen\'s own photographs and scenes from his classic film The High Lonesome Sound: Kentucky Mountain Music, filmmaker Tom Davenport focuses on Cohen's journey to rural Kentucky in the 1950s to document the lives of the people there and his "discovery" of the musician Roscoe Holcomb. Remembering the High Lonesome also examines the birth of a new artistic ethic and counterculture through John Cohen's involvement with the Beat Generation, abstract expressionist painters, and the Folk Music Revival, and explores the role of an outsider documenting the life and arts of an Appalachian community.

  • Film by: Tom Davenport, Barry Dornfeld
  • Produced by: Tom Davenport, Barry Dornfeld
  • Cinematographer: Barry Dornfeld, Tom Davenport, Robert B. Davenport
  • Sound: Rob Roberts
  • Editor: Tom Davenport, Rob Roberts
  • Other Credits: The High Lonesome Sound is available from Shanachie Entertainment. Music from the New Lost City Ramblers is available from Smithsonian/Folkways Records.
  • Original Format: DV Mini
  • © Copyright 2003 Tom Davenport
  • 27mins, Color