Madison County Project

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Madison County Project: Documenting the Sound examines the tradition of unaccompanied ballad singing in Madison County, North Carolina and how both documentary work and the power of family and community have influenced that tradition. The film focuses on John Cohen and Peter Gott's film and recording work in Madison County in the 1960s as well as the voices of today's ballad singers such as Sheila Kay Adams, Donna Ray Norton, Denise Norton O'Sullivan, and DeeDee Norton Buckner. The film is a joint project between two graduate students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Part of the project is to create a more transparent form of documentary that invites participation from those featured in the film, advisors, and the general public.

  • Film by: Martha King, Rob Roberts
  • Produced by: Martha King, Rob Roberts
  • Cinematographer: Martha King, Rob Roberts, Judd Williamson
  • Sound: Martha King, Rob Roberts
  • Editor: Martha King, Rob Roberts
  • Other Credits: Additonal Editing: Grace Camblos and Emolyn Liden
  • Original Format: DV Mini
  • © 2005, Martha King & Rob Roberts
  • 24mins, Color