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Ballad of America is currently working on the following projects:

Building a Knowledge Base

We are continually writing and adding new music articles to this website. Music is an incredibly powerful tool that helps people connect to the past and better understand each other.

Developing Resources for Teachers

We are developing resources to help teachers, both traditional and home school, integrate music into the study of history. Music offers a fascinating access point that can ignite students' passion for exploring the story of the United States.

Teaching American Folk Songs to Children

We are making sing-along recordings and accompanying resources to facilitate the singing of American folk songs by children. Research shows that children are no longer learning the songs of their own heritage. It is essential for children to learn and sing American folk songs in order to preserve this important aspect of American culture and to help them better understand and empathize with others.

Promoting Group Singing

We are also making recordings and resources to encourage groups of all ages to sing together. Group singing is a powerful act that unites people and communities.